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November 10, 2013

Confection Confessions

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My name is Joanne and I’m a chocolaholic. There is no such thing as a DWC (Driving While Chocolated). Nor are there twelve step programs for us addicts of all things derived from the cocoa bean. But trust me, the physical craving, the need for chocolate is not to be ignored. My family and friends know about my weakness, and not only accept me, but actually enable me.

My daughter-in-law invited me to join her at a fund raiser supporting the Tahoe Safe Alliance, a non-profit “dedicated to ending the incidence and trauma of … domestic violence, sexual violence [and] child abuse in the North Lake Tahoe and Truckee communities,” and Project MANA, a hunger relief agency. The lure of the 25th annual “Chocolate, Wine and Roses Festival” hooked my attention and reeled me in.

The silver anniversary of this delicious event brought out North Shore’s glitterati. Men sported silver slacks, jackets tailored from recycled disco balls and reflective foil hats appropriate for New Year’s Eve. Women’s sparkling garments ranged from micro-mini skirts to floor-length evening gowns. The “people watching” was almost as delicious as the main attraction.

Hyatt_Lake_Tahoe_Aerial_South_ViewEntering the Hyatt Regency’s ballroom, my resolve to limit consumption melted like Belgian milk chocolate left in the car on a hot summer’s day. Chocolate called to me from every direction. The price of admission provided access to the A Game sweets of ten chocolatiers competing for “Most Decadent,” “Most Original Taste,” “Creative Use of Ingredients,” “Best Tabletop Presentation,” and the revered “People’s Choice” awards.

The winners were determined by a democratic process with a Nevada slant. Remember, this gala took place in a Silverpoker chips State hotel which has its own in-house casino. So, each attendee was given three special poker chips in a dainty silver bag. Every table top display included a receptacle into which the chips could be deposited – not unlike a ballot box at your neighborhood polling place.

I should mention fifteen wineries were also on site offering tastes of their finest libations, but that part of the evening held little interest for me. I wasn’t about to waste my appetite or my votes on wine.

My grandfather would have called me “a one-eyed dog in a butcher shop” that evening. I didn’t know where to look first. But I’ve always taken voting very seriously and felt duty-bound to taste every nominated confection possible before casting my poker chips.

blog pix 000 jpgTruffles with a cherry center. Caramels robed in milk or dark chocolate. Pecan turtles. English toffee. Chocolate-covered marshmallows. Chocolate mousse. Cashew chews. Petits fours with chocolate ornamentation. Raspberry topped whipped chocolate. Even chocolate sushi. And those are just the offerings I remember.

The unexpected happened after a mere two hours of grazing, comparing and evaluating. I realized I didn’t want any more chocolate! I’d had my fill. I was sated. What a unique sensation. Even more surprising, the table set with raw vegetables, creamy dips, cheese and crackers beckoned me. Who would’ve thunk?

A heavy weight bearing down on my belly awakened me about three in the morning. My mouth was dry. My head ached. I was wide awake. A sugar and caffeine overdose squeezed my gut like a vice grip. No doubt about it. I had a full-blown chocolate hangover.

”Oh,” I moaned, and then promised the unsympathetic ceiling, “I’ll never eat chocolate again.”

The discomfort accompanied me on the drive home. Such a fun evening – such a high price to pay!

“Never again,” I vowed. “I shall never fall victim to the demon chocolate again.”

Walking into the house, I spied the bowl of leftover Halloween candy on the kitchen counter. Hershey’s Kisses in fall-colored foil wrappers. They didn’t even look good.

I ate them. But I didn’t enjoy them.


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