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January 2, 2012

Welcome, 2012

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The new year has finally arrived, and not a moment too soon for the new me.    This year, my cup will be at least half-full if not runneth-ing over at all times.  This year, I’m expecting great things, good times, and lots of chocolate.  This year, I’m going to be one of those people Dad referred to when he’d say, “She’s so happy, she wouldn’t say ‘sh*t’ if she stepped in it.”

Why?  Why not!  The year’s already off to a good start.

     On New Year’s Eve, my generous friend surprised me with extra-large IKEA chocolate bars and an Amaryllis bulb kit.  I’d neglected to make any resolutions — not for a lack of areas in need of improvement, mind you — so right then and there I promised myself I’d make sure those king-sized treats didn’t get stale and the hard-to-spell, easy-to-grow, soon-to-be-flowers would be potted asap.

Done and done!  My resolutions have been made, and kept, and it’s only the second day of the year.  Woo-hoo.  I get to be myold, unimproved self for the next 363 mornings, afternoons and evenings.  Guilt-free.  Way to go.

Yesterday, neighbors invited Ken and me to join them on a road trip to Disneyland later this month.  I’m such a huge D-land fan, I still have the mouse ears from my first ever visit to the magic kingdom in the 1950s.  My last stroll over the drawbridge to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was in November, 1997.   I need a m-i-c-k-e-y- m-o-u-s-e fix.

1997.  That was the year Mom and I drove to SoCal to see my youngest son and his high school marching band perform in the daily Main Street parade.  The kids’ chaperones told us the parade would start by Small World and proceed to the park’s main gate.  Twenty minutes ahead of time, we ladies found the perfect vantage point and settled in.  Ten minutes ahead of time, efficient park employees blocked off the parade route.  Expectations and excitement bubbled up within me.  Five minutes ahead of time, other parade watchers lined the sidewalks behind us, eyeing our position with envy.  The clock ticked, the loudspeakers buzzed, and a booming voice announced, “Please join me in welcoming the Monte Vista High School marching band from Danville, California, stepping off now at the main gate.”

Wait, what?  No, not main gate.  Small World!

I grabbed Mom’s hand.  We hurdled over the blockades and sprinted along the empty street toward main gate, ignoring official commands to move to the now-packed sidewalk.  By the time we met up with my son and his peers, the band had finished playing THEIR ONE PIECE, and were double-time marching to the drummers’ cadence.  I barely had a chance to wave as the familiar uniforms blurred past us.  Taking a picture was out of the question.  Not exactly the Disney-esque moment I’d envisioned.

But, now I’m heading south again.  And I hear there’s a whole new amusement park to see where the parking lot used to be.  I can’t wait.  My black plastic ears and felt cap are at the ready, my walking shoes are broken in, and I’m planning on balmy January weather.   Yesterday I asked myself, “What could possibly top this?”

     Today a catalog of spring course offerings for the local community college toppled out of my folded newspaper.  And there, right on the cover, DANCE was featured.  Now, that might not seem like a big deal.  But it is!  Year’s ago, Ken and I radiated tension every time we found ourselves where people were dancing.  I wanted to dance, he preferred to watch.  Feel the tension?  Finally, we made a deal:  I would cease pouting and prodding because we weren’t dancing; he promised to take dancing lessons if/when one of our sons was on the cusp of getting married with dancing planned during the reception.  Voila!  The wedding is set for June.  The search for a DJ has begun.  And the completed class registration form is in the mail.

I love 2012.


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  1. What a grand way to begin a new year! May serendipity sprinkle each and every one of the remaining 363 days.

    Comment by Jean G — January 2, 2012 @ 11:56 pm | Reply

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