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May 15, 2011

Mars and Venus

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     Sad to say, Ken has the fever.  No, that wasn’t a typo.  I meant the fever – as in Car Fever.  The man’s a bona fide car guy, always has been, always will be.  But this form of automotive malaise is different.  He’s been going around telling our friends, “Joanne wants a hot rod,” and spending time cruising the internet for sites advertising chopped, fuel-injected, pro-built, and blown cars for sale by owner.  I guess that’s better than some things he could be salivating over on the web, but not much. 

     Two weekends ago (when it was still spring) we went to the Roamin’ Angels car show in downtown Grass Valley.  Ken drooled his way past block-after-block of custom rods and pristine restorations.  I followed, enjoying the day almost as much as he did, but for very different reasons.  As he peered under hoods at 383 strokers and small block chevies, I giggled over details which escaped his notice.

     Like the open box of donuts staged on the front seat of a 1940-something mint police car.  Or the stuffed monkey dangling from the hood latch of a car painted the color of nacho cheese.  My personal “best of show” vote went to a real sand castle sculpted on the pavement beside a gleaming woody that sported a spit-shined long board hanging out the back window.  The display was punctuated with a female manikin sunbathing (topless) next to an authentic wood piling topped with a realistic seagull ready to take flight.  My husband and roommate of nearly 40 years walked right past the entire presentation.  Woodies aren’t his thing.

     So that’s the Venus side of life in the California foothills.  

     This morning, Mother Nature threw us what I hope will prove to be her last curve ball of the season.  We awakened to a dusting of snow.  Now, really.  Today is May 15th!  In theory, we’re almost 2/3 of the way through spring.  The first leg of the Amgen “Tour of California” bike race, scheduled to circle Lake Tahoe, had to be cancelled.  As the day wore on, the frozen flakes grew in size as the mercury dropped.  Thunder, lightening, and hail accompanied Shadow and me on our afternoon walk.  

     But yesterday was a different story.  Yesterday, a riot of wildflowers ran amok on the hillsides.  Birds sang in three-part harmony.  Lilacs sweetened the lazy breeze.  Sensory input was so over-the-top, if I had read an accurate description of the day in a book, I would have dismissed the author as a novice with no knack for realism. 

     While I opened windows and allowed myself to fall victim to the  fever (this one involves breathing deeply and accomplishing little), Ken worked outside as if possessed.  He painted exterior doors.  He skimmed the yellow oak and pine pollen floating in our water feature.  The man completed his trifecta by donning an ergonomic sprayer backpack and attacking acres of weeds as though they were aliens in search of our leader.

     And that’s the Mars side of the equation.


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  1. What an enchanting stroll, a day in the life of. Your descriptions are so vibrant, I am right there with you. A magical place, a quiet beingness.

    Comment by Jean G — July 3, 2011 @ 10:28 pm | Reply

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