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February 28, 2010

The Windstorm

Filed under: Musings — Joanne @ 4:16 am

I’m a sailor at heart and love the wind.  I’ll take gusts in my face to having each hair in place any day.  A strong wind has the power to blow me back in time, and yesterday’s storm delivered a flood of memories.

Long, long ago, on one unusually windy day I borrowed my brother’s Flexible Flyer (think wooden toboggan on wheels instead of skids) and attached an old sheet to my new Hula Hoop.  Thus equipped, I headed outside and invented “street sailing.” 

The Flexie had dual-action grips to allow both steering and braking.  The rider would lay flat on her stomach, knees bent with the lower legs sticking up in the air like inverted rudders, and employ the grips with her hands.  Unless, of course, she was street sailing.

Street sailing required the athlete to lay on her back, controlling the grips with bared toes,  freeing her hands to hold the sheet-covered hula hoop overhead as a sail.  What could possibly go wrong?  What indeed.

Should today’s ill-advised parent allow any child to participate in street sailing without benefit of helmet, steel-toed boots, elbow pads, wrist guards and an ADA approved mouth guard, that adult might be charged with Child Endangerment.  A million years ago, such precautions were not required.  Looking back, I’m not sure my parents even knew where I was, much less what I was doing, but the force was with me, and I returned home unscathed.

My biggest disappointment of the day was the wind’s inability to propel me along the street at a speed comparable to the ice boats I’d seen sailing across my black and white TV screen.  Obviously I needed a bigger sail.  Or maybe a spinnaker?

One thing I didn’t need was more imagination.


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